Tuesday 15 January 2019

Six Kalimas Of Islam-play.google.com

Six Kalimas Of Islam-play.google.com

*Kalimah Tayyibah kalimat aṭ-ṭaiyibah 
*Kalimah Shahadah kalimat ash-shahādah
*Kalimah Tamjeed kalimat at-tamjīd
*Kalimah Tawheed kalimat at-tawḥīd
* Kalimah Istighfar
*Kalima Radde Kufr

The Six Kalimah in Islam in South Asia are six significant parts of one's religious belief, mostly taken from hadiths (in some traditions, six phrases, then known as the five kalimas.
The first of them, known as the ''kalimat tayyibah or "word of purity", second is called the shahada, third "tamjeed", fourth "tawheed", fifth "istighfar" and sixth is called "radde kufr". Recitation of the six kalimas is taught in Pakistan and other Muslim countries' madrasas,[1] but it is rare for average Pakistani Muslims to be able to recite them all.
Conversely, religious leaders are expected to be able to recite them, and the Pakistani Ministry of Religious Affairs in one instance earned political criticism for appointing as head of its Council of Islamic Ideology a man who was not able to recite them
 Riaz (2008) records memorization of the six kalimas as part of the syllabus of grade 3 (darja saum) education (i.e. taught in the third year of a five-year course) at the Deobandi school Darul Uloom Deoband in Uttar Pradesh, India.


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